Remove Platen

  1. Twist carriage knobs in opposite directions, counter-clockwise as you look directly at each knob
  2. Unscrew and pull out both knobs
  3. Move carriage all the way to the right
  4. Gently lift the right end of platen and slowly pull to the right
  5. Once left side disengages, lift platen up and out.

Remove Carriage

  1. Move carriage all the way to the right

  2. Remove right end-cap. You’ll need to first remove platen knob and tab clearing lever.



  3. Remove stopper screw and nut from right end of carriage. This is what normally stops the carriage from sliding off the left end.


  4. Flip typewriter up on its back, so you can see where the draw band attaches to the underside of the carriage.


  5. This step is a bit tricky, and you may wish you had a third hand. Disconnect the hook from the post, and don’t let go of it. While still holding the draw band, slide the carriage to the left until you expose the right end of the lower carriage rails. You may find it easier to move the carriage if you tip the typewriter forward and flat again. You will see a metal “tooth” sticking up at the end of the rails. Slide the draw band hook over that for safe keeping.


  6. Slide the carriage further to the left until it stops at the left margin. Press the Margin Release (MR) key and slide it further left. It will likely stop somewhere near the star wheel at the center of the machine. Press the space bar several times to get it past that point. You should then be able to slide the carriage all the way off the left side.

  7. The bearings will likely come out as you do so, but they are encased in a plastic sleeve, so they will not go bouncing around and get lost.

TA DA! Now roughly follow these instructions in reverse to get it back on.