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Investment Strategy 👀

Olive Capital is an investment syndicate which provides its members access to investment opportunities into private, innovative companies at very early stages, capitalizing on a deep network of entrepreneurs in Europe and in the US. Revolut, ActionDesk, 15Five and Captiv8 are great examples of investment opportunities that have arisen in the past, with many more coming on a regular basis. Get access to some of the best-in-class investment opportunities into private, innovative companies at very early stages in Europe and in the US. There are 2 types of deals we primarily look for and invest in.

We are sector-agnostic. We intend to bring all our high quality deals to the syndicate everywhere possible so you get access to the highest quality deals we are part of. By putting together Olive Capital members, we will all benefit from a bigger investment capacity and hence get access to opportunities we would not have individually.

Olive Capital manages the entire process and administrative documentation, so you can relax and focus on the companies you want to invest in.

Apply to join the syndicate 🏓

Important note: you can opt-out or opt-in on a deal by deal basis.

Select investments to date including prior to the launch of Olive Capital. 🥝

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Olive Capital does not provide any financial advice. You should carefully consider your own financial situation and have a diversification approach towards risk. While return profiles seem attractive, you must understand that Venture Capital is a very difficult asset class where the entire capital invested is at risk. Investments are made on a long-term horizon with little or no liquidity available before a potential exit. You should never allocate more than a few percentages of your assets to this space, and you should only invest what you are willing to lose in full. At the best of times, the returns are likely to resemble a power law distribution which means that an investment in a portfolio with thirty plus investments can have more payouts than all other companies combined. With this in mind, we observe that the best business angels make small bets in a large number of startups rather than a large bet on one or two.

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