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“Runway Series - Venture Capital” 🎧

A world top 2.5% ranked podcast.

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Runway Series by UPCOMINGVC® explores the frontiers of tech, innovation and venture capital at the intersection of web 2.0 and crypto/web3 through various formats: ‘Runway Series Originals‘ (deep interviews), ‘Venture Talks‘ (thematic panel discussions), ‘AMA VC‘ (live sessions with an audience), ‘No-Code / VC Fit‘ (about building venture-backable no-code startups), ‘Momentor‘ (podcast by Melchior we've incubated). Since 2017, UPCOMINGVC® has been a pioneering educational media for Venture Capital. Created, hosted and produced by Raphael Grieco. Full episodes on venturenotes.co.

Venture Notes

"False start, toxic validation, being too early in B2B Crypto in 2019... to raising $7M with Sequoia", listen now 🔒 "The future of play-to-earn companion apps", listen now 🔒 "Personal Tokens & Creators IPOs", listen now 🔒 "Music & Vertical NFT Marketplace", listen now 🔒

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Olive Capital does not provide any financial advice. You should carefully consider your own financial situation and have a diversification approach towards risk. While return profiles seem attractive, you must understand that Venture Capital is a very difficult asset class where the entire capital invested is at risk. Investments are made on a long-term horizon with little or no liquidity available before a potential exit. You should never allocate more than a few percentages of your assets to this space, and you should only invest what you are willing to lose in full. At the best of times, the returns are likely to resemble a power law distribution which means that an investment in a portfolio with thirty plus investments can have more payouts than all other companies combined. With this in mind, we observe that the best business angels make small bets in a large number of startups rather than a large bet on one or two.

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