Oct 2019 – Present

Poor diet is the most common preventable cause of death in the elderly population. Doctors often recommend the Mediterranean diet for their patients in order to delay the onset of frailty. However, it is challenging for them to ensure this change in patient behavior as it requires significant manual intervention, thus making it costly and difficult to accommodate for a large group of patients.


Olitor is a digital therapeutics platform that allows doctors to implement a scalable yet affordable dietary behavior change intervention. It comprises of a patient facing mobile app and a clinician dashboard. The app is designed for the older population and it works together with the dashboard for doctors to track and effectively manage patient progress.

My Role

Leading the design and strategy for the Olitor platform I make decisions pertaining to the design + strategy of the platform, help scope projects, and function as a bridge between the academic stakeholders and external collaborators.

Designed the patient facing app (the focus of this case study) I worked as a solo designer on the patient facing app. I was handed an early stage in-progress design that I took forward to completion through multiple iterations. It is currently under development.

Collaborations: Dr. Oleg Zaslavsky — project owner UX Researcher Dr. Daniella Kim — for usability study PMs, Developers and Designer from Tactica Inc. — for the development of MVP UW MS student teams — for dashboard design and other projects

Activities: secondary research, ideation, design & interactive prototype (Figma), usability, user stories, dev collaboration

Constraints and Challenges