35 Y.O. 7th March 1987

UX/UI Designer

🇦🇪 Dubai, UAE

Behance: @gentlsays

Telegram: @gentlsays

Email: [gentlsays@gmail.com](mailto:gentlsays@gmail.com?subject=gentlsays%40gmail.com)


🇦🇪  +971 585 696096


I enjoy solving complex problems related to interfaces and logic. I strive to make the user experience simple and straightforward.

I came to interface design from graphic design in order to use all my accumulated experience in a new direction. Working with logic, numbers and user interaction is what I was missing in graphic design. I want to develop in UX / UI and make quality products.

I am ready to switch to your project in whole or in part.

Hard skills

UX/UI Design, Web Design, HIG, Material Design, UX research, Usability, User Flow, CJM, JTBD, User stories, Job stories, Wireframing, Prototyping, Testing, Analitics, Graphic design, Typography, Illustration, Branding, Marketing.