~ 2019

An animation showing our (me, savio, ankit) experiences and observations at Old Delhi.

A walk without google maps, gliding through narrow streets of Chandni Chowk where sign boards were replaced by people and atmosphere filled with aroma of street food.


The animation style was inspired by my laziness to draw properly.



Time - 3 hours.

Ankit and akash had put down a well scripted story, which was converted into storyboards after which I screen recorded myself sketching on krita, and then finally aligned the clips in premiere pro.

There was an embarrassing voice over also that we did of the script but yeah.

On a trip to Chandani Chowk, we saw something simple but unsual. A bullock cart was stranded in the middle of the road and people were doing all sort of parkour to cross it from sides. Nobody stopped and gazed a look at the cart which reveals much about the dymic nature of the city.