Our office and everything in it


We have a semi-flex workspace. Some people like to sit at the same desk 80% of the time and switch after a few months when joining another team or because they want a different view. Most teams are clustered together, simply because it's handy when working together. So do whatever helps you focus, collaborate or brainstorm.

The headphone rule:

We don't like rules tbh, but focus is important to finish tasks. You are the boss of your agenda and you are in charge of when you can be disturbed and when you can't. Headphones on = do not disturb. Simple, right? Try it out!


~12 o' clock, there is lunch in the canteen, free of cost. Joëlle is in charge of lunch — ask her if you need anything (allergies for example).

What you can expect from lunch:

Snacks and more

There will be beer, soda and snacks after All-hands presentations.

On any other regular day: