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Hello, we are Lemu. 👋

We're an odd group of odd people who hail from different backgrounds and journeys, we live in 9 cities on 3 continents, but we have one unique goal in common: We want to improve our world by bringing nature online.

If we succeed, we'll have unleashed the natural capital of planet Earth and guaranteed the balanced survival of as many species as possible.

We don't swoon over the brightest, the most decorated or the most popular. Our focus is hiring committed humans who value kindness, integrity, excellence, accountability, empathy, diversity and collaboration. We do not tolerate arrogance or abuse, and the only absolute truth we believe in is that we don't achieve things alone. We do not know everything, making us infinite learners.

If that sounds like you, then you're an oddity. Welcome to Lemu 🤓🌳🖐.

Our Values 💚⚡️🌳

  1. Empathy and Kindness. Do not act from a single personal interest, nor impose your own ideas over those of others.

  2. Diversity & Collaboration. Recognize, attribute and imitate good practices, understanding that the only way to achieve our goals is to do our best to do an outstanding job together.

  3. Responsibility, Excellence and Integrity. Have a positive attitude and treat others with respect, be willing to help the team succeed and meet the company's objectives.

  4. Infinite Learning. Having a learner's mindset will help you to always be open to new ideas and constantly find better and more responsive ways to pursue our purpose. That's why we encourage and incentivize your personal and technical training on an ongoing basis.

  5. Oddness. An untranslatable word that can only be described as the intangible value of thinking differently, creatively and sensibly.

    We are against discrimination in all matters.