Hello to the Alley Dwellers!

Hello if you're here for trading. This is currently a work in progress! If you want to trade and don't know how to contact me... well, I'm not sure how you got here if that's the case, but you can message me on Discord at october#9580. If you don't want to swap but you'd like some random cards, I sell packets of ephemera over on my Ko-fi.

What I'm Looking For

My current project is a Wild Hunt deck, so I'm looking for cards with the following themes:

I'm also looking for these specific cards:


Table of Contents

Card Database and How to Use It

The Card Database

As you might imagine, this is a database of all of the cards I have for trade. They can loosely be divided into tarot decks, oracle decks, and playing card/game card decks. Decks I have broken up for trade include:

Other cards are labelled to the best of my ability, but I cannot guarantee authenticity of cards I've received in swaps. Cards that are smaller than standard are tagged as such.

Card Database Views

Available Gallery View This view allows a visual depiction of which cards are available for trade. There is a search option in the upper right that will allow you to look for specific cards. There are tags for a number of subject matter that make them searchable: cats, birds, canines, insects and reptiles. Available Database View This view shows a list of all cards for trade, showing the deck, the title of the card, and tags that allow you to filter. Playing Cards This gallery view allows browsing of playing card decks available for trade. Traded This view shows what cards have been traded. View All Fields This view has all cards, available and not. There's also the classifications fields. It has a multiselect about the card, type, etc.

Project: Hunting Deck

Personal Collection Singles Database