This month, IDOT students worked on creating a response to our ‣, Dark Pattern Design. They were tasked with creating a slidedeck in response to the following prompt:

<aside> 💡 Choose a product, business, or experience that you feel is trustworthy and genuine to be your subject. This should be something that you feel has your best interests as a user at heart, and is built to help you and improve your experience. This can be anything from an app you use on a regular basis, to baking cookies with your grandmother, to getting takeout from your favorite restaurant.

Now, take that same subject and turn it on its head- redesign the product, business, or experience by implementing components of dark pattern design into the subject experience, with the end goal of obtaining something from users that you would use for personal, unethical gain.


Congratulations to our three finalist teams:

Lindsay Khalluf & Allie Young, Karthik Subramanian, and Erin Chin & Raina Mesina! 🎉

Join us on Friday, October 30 at 7-8 PM PDT at our Live Judging Finals to find out who our winners will be. In the meantime, take a look at everyone's work in the gallery below!

🎧 Emily Auyon & Cynthia Bao — Spotify

[FINALIST] 🎶 Erin Chin & Raina Mesina — Spotify

🌮 Amogh Khandkar — Taco Bell

📹 Veer Tuliani — Google Meet

🎥 Zoe Yamamoto — Zoom

🚀 Mia Chen & Krish Shah — Among Us

🍿 Grace Cho & Ryan Otsuka — AMC Movie Theaters