Details: 4:30pm - 6pm in Wilson Media Lab, RSVP here

Description: With political and social polarization at work in this country, we believe that activists and allies will need to protect themselves from increased surveillance, harassment, doxxing, and other digital dangers. DLINQ’s Activists and Allies Cryptoparty aims to help protect people who are on the front lines of activism in our community and country, and/or people who work with and support marginalized communities.

Event Outline

4:30 - 5pm Introduction and threat modeling activity

5pm - 5:20pm Hands-on privacy stations

5:20pm - 5:40pm Hands-on privacy stations

5:40pm - 6pm Hands-on privacy stations


Additional readings/resources

Attending a protest, Surveillance Self-Defense - EFF

Basics, Security Self-Defense - EFF

RiseUp resources for social change organizers

FrontLine Defender resources

Security-in-a-Box Glossary

Tactical Tech projects

Data Detox: Control Your SmartPhone Data

Data Detox: Do an App Cleanse