<aside> đź’ˇ Our product manifesto: The principles we value, and the values that uphold them.


This is our product manifesto.

As an organisation, our mission is simple — make this complex world of ours, exceedingly obvious. While our mission might be simple, it’s certainly not easy. And though our mission isn’t easy, advancing towards it everyday is certainly very rewarding. Why you ask?

Take satellite communication, one of the most complex innovations of the last century for example. Today, it powers navigation services, on top of which are built everyday businesses like ride hailing, food delivery, courier services and more. A lot more. None of those businesses would have been conceived, if it weren’t for a dead obvious manifestation of navigation a.k.a maps, in the palms of billions of people.

For us, making complex things obvious is not a means to an end, but an end in itself. It has the power to drive systemic change which is otherwise impossible to realize. We’ve dedicated our lives to creating that change, and this document captures the values that help us deliver it, every single day.

What is obvious?

Before we dive into how we make the world more obvious, it’s important to understand what obvious means to us. For us, design is obvious when it is:

Because we attempt to be effective, not necessarily original, a majority of these principles are inspired from the master of good design, Dieter Rams. His time-honoured advice has had a positive influence on our work which is why our design principles draw deeply from his own.

How do we make design Obvious?

Making things obvious isn’t easy, because it isn’t an outcome that can be targeted directly. In fact, it can only happen as a byproduct of the values that a team practices everyday. For us, those values are the following: