Introducing Obscura Patron Pass

Become a patron and support new NFT projects from renowned and emerging photographers around the world.

Through the purchase of an Obscura Patron Pass, you are directly supporting the creation of new work through grants and commissions, mentorships, and exhibitions.

Curated Patron Pass

Obscura commissions world class artists to produce new native NFT photographs with full creative autonomy, exclusively for Obscura Patron Pass holders.

A Curated Patron Pass guarantees you eight 1 of 1 NFT's, hand selected by Obscura's team of curators. Patron Pass proceeds support sizable commissions to Curated Artists and enable grants to emerging photographers in the NFT space.

Obscura Patron Passes give you a front row seat in the Obscura ecosystem.


Own eight 1 of 1 highly curated photography NFTs from world class artists


As a collector, you become a patron that allows Obscura to expand its mission in a sustainable way, create more grants, and support emerging artists.

Exclusive access