This class will explore the narrative and conceptual potential of color and design, their application, purpose and potential. Over the course of the semester we will discuss style, taste, metaphors, memory, research and other aspects of concept, interspersed with tool demos, drawing exercises and specific elements of execution.

Each assignment will take up 3 sessions: first for thumbnails and ideas, second for sketches and work-in-progress, third for finals critiques.

The exception is the final assignment that will take 7 sessions.

Additionally, we'll have tool workshops (suggestions welcome), and discussions of the stories that will go into Assignment 7 (Fiction), as well as presentations of the Inspiration Folder (Assignment 0) and pitches for Assignment 8 (the Final Assignment).


All deadlines must be met.

If there are circumstances that prevent you from turning in work on time, make sure you notify me as early as possible. Likewise, if you have to miss a class, notify me in advance and attach your homework.

Bad attendance will affect your grade.

Three missed classes will result in an automatic failure.

If you are late, join the class quietly without announcing your excuses.


During workshop sessions, please be respectful of the shared space—conversations are permitted, as long as the volume is kept reasonably low. You don’t need to raise your hand to voice an opinion, however, please avoid interrupting and allow others to speak.

If you need to make a phone call or attend to private matters, leave the class and return quietly without disrupting the flow. Eating and drinking is permitted, preferably during a break.


You may use your phones and devices for research and translation only. Please check your social networks during breaks.

All devices must be set on silent.


In most cases illustration is a collaboration between the artist and the art director/client, and the critiques in this class will be approached from both artistic and professional positions.