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A browser-based productivity tool to find links that are relevant to you, faster!

o/standup → Takes you to Zoom/Google Meet company standup.

o/issue/145 → Go to the exact JIRA Issue.

o/payroll → Will find your payslip from your current HRMS System.


The goal of this assignment is to build a cinema theatre ticket booking app with the following specifications —

  1. You are tasked with building an app which will help a user select seats in a cinema theatre and display a time-limited summary of their selected seats.
  2. You have a list of seats with x rows & y columns, with these conditions —
  3. Once the user has selected their seats, they can navigate to the next page where they will be shown a summary of the seats they chose and the total price, along with a countdown timer of a configurable number of minutes (default to 5). If they navigate back, the previously selected seats should be shown. Once the countdown has completed, if they navigate back, the selected seats should be cleared.
  4. The React component should be built in a way that every cinema theatre can customise the layout and row prices.

🛠 Technology stack

💡 Recommended libraries

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🍪 Bonus points

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