Gro DAO is looking to refresh its current OG Programme in order to incentivise existing community members to provide further support on community engagement, education, research, marketing, growth and governance-related tasks.



In the past, the DAO has benefited from a group of dedicated OGs who volunteered to help new community members learn more about Gro; and who also contributed to the DAO’s decentralised marketing team (“G-Force”) to spread the word in the crypto community.

However, due to bear market conditions, the resulting lack of financial incentives to stay committed, as well as some core DAO contributors having left the community; such efforts have recently waned.



The new OG Programme will consist of a community-oriented group of committed, proactive DAO members, who are eager to learn and connect with like-minded individuals. Throughout the programme, these OGs will work closely with the People Pod.

The programme will initially aim to re-engage, consolidate and support the existing Gro community; and educate on product and DAO-related updates. Then, as the DAO continues to iterate and launch new products, the OG Programme will aim to gradually grow the community and organically market Gro’s suite of products and their benefits to a wider Web3 audience.


Up to 12,500 USDC + 17,500 GRO as well as additional non-financial perks (ranging from POAPs to recognition) will be distributed to OGs as compensation for their commitments to the programme, per month.

The specific rewards given to each OG will depend on the quality of their contributions and tasks completed per month.

OG Requirements:

The People Pod will be looking for candidates who meet the following requirements:

  1. Web3 and/ or DeFi native
  2. Willingness to learn about how Gro DAO works
  3. Comfortable with using Discord, Telegram and/ or Twitter; and an active member of the Gro Community
  4. Friendly and empathetic