You can see the OEE graph in Shift View by clicking on the "OEE" tab (by default the "Speed" graph is displayed):


This graph displays the three components of OEE and OEE value for every hour of the shift.

Elements on the graph

  1. Green line (availability). Availability represents the percentage of planned time that a station (production line or workstation) is actually working or producing. Availability = Operating time / Planned time, in Shift View colors Availability = (green + yellow) / (shift time - planned stops).
  2. Yellow line (performance). Performance represents the actual running speed of the equipment against its specified running speed. Performance over 100% can mean that measuring of production is not set up correctly or targets (ideal cycle times) are set too low. Performance = good production / (good production + speed loss), in Shift View colors Performance = green / (green + yellow).
  3. Orange line (quality). Quality indicates the amount of products meeting the quality requirements (good products) out of all products produced. Quality = good products / (good products + scrap), in Shift View scrap is visualised using orange product circles.
  4. White bars (OEE %). OEE = quality x availability x performance.