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August 15, 2022

My Twitter 🧵 on the launch of OCM Prop House:


August 16, 2022

🎙 **Listen to the first OCM DAO Office Hours (via Twitter Spaces, starting at ~11:00), dedicated to OCM Prop House. We also workshop a few Prop ideas from community members!


August 27, 2022

Congrats to OCM Prop House Season 1 Round 1 winners!


September 6, 2022

🎙 **Listen to a further deep-dive into the world of Prop House! I co-hosted the Nouns Prop House x OnChainMonkey Twitter Space, with Toady_Hawk & Seneca from Nouns DAO + Amanda Terry & Mike Chavez (goodthings) from OCM / Metagood. (Use the updated link for the Twitter Space)