1. All discussions pertaining to the operation and procedures of the OA must be done in the public Optimistic Approval Channel of Discord. Should there be high community interest on a particular issue being discussed by the OA, the discussion can be moved to a newly created channel to allow any community member to weigh in. Community members should voice their interest in a subject by pinging the optimistic approval squad in the governance channel, in order to open up a new channel for discussion.

  2. Any prospective transactions wishing to be queued up for consideration by the OA must be presented in the discord “OA” channel for a 24 hour discussion period. The presented transactions can be divided into two types: a. In the case of a transaction that is directly executing the results of a passed snapshot (henceforth known as “Direct Authorization”), the exposition of this transaction should clearly state what is the enabling FIP of this transaction. b. If the transaction is seeking new authorization as an extension of an umbrella FIP such as new token for LaaS consideration, or Seeding FEI into additional verified Rari Fuse Pools, (henceforth known as “Subsidiary Authorization”) the proposal must include a summary of how this transaction can be interpreted to be compliant under the framework of the empowering umbrella FIP.

  3. Pursuant to the excellent framework raised by jamierumbelow, and further expanding on his work and Joey’s comments; every Subsidiary Authorization would be tracked by being assigned an homogenised sub FIP number when it presents itself for consideration. For example, new LaaS allocations that didn’t go through a separate snapshot can be named as FIP-36(this is the empowering snapshot)-A/B/C (subsidiary number assigned based on order).

  4. After determining that a new transaction is indeed empowered by an FIP, or is viable as a Subsidiary Authorization, the proposal may be queued up to the multisig.(Openzeppelin Defender, Gnosis etc) Before signing or rejecting, every OA member should write a brief note in the discord OA channel; either accepting because it is properly authorized, or rejecting it and giving their reason for doing so.

  5. Upon successful execution of a transaction, the original transaction exposition, along with a brief summary of what was ultimately executed, should be uploaded into the Optimistic Approval notion table for ease of reference