What am I focused on at this point in life?

Updated 12th March 2023, from Prague, CZ.

📚Research & Work

I am focusing full-time on researching in the realm of Audio, specifically speech enhancement. There’s some progress on the thesis proposal front but it’s mostly been “meh”.

This month I joined the Developer Advocacy 🥑 team at Hugging Face. I’ll be focusing my efforts on democratising Audio and adjacent modalities to the masses. Really psyched!


I’ve taken a step back from volunteering for the near short term. I’m near burning out with my part-time gig, research and travel at this point. Need to nurse my way back in one step at a time.

After the recent EuroPython Society General Assembly, I was elected as a board member. I’ll stay true to my commitment and help build stronger bridges.

🧠Mental health

My mental health has been a wet bag of spaghetti for as far back as I can look this year. As much as I’d like to assign blame for how this year turned out, it is mostly my own doing. I’m grateful to have friends who call me out for when I go astray.

The month back home in India was bittersweet. I’m better now than I was a month back, but still long way to go before “normalcy”.

Shoutout to Hypha for being patient, non-judgemental, and diffusing countless doggos 🐶 with me.

🏡Next steps & “Home”

Whilst I’ve decided to stick around in Europe for the next couple of years, where will my new home be is still an open question. This will likely clear up more as I make more progress with my thesis.

✈️Travel & Q4 2022