Same news but in Portuguese πŸ‡§πŸ‡·:

Polygloss, o que estΓ‘ rolando em Novembro

New features and fixes!

🎯 Awesome new feature: Word suggestions are now being tested for the English language!

πŸ‘ Improved interface: grouped pending matches, challenge now has only one image, unlimited subscription button (android only) more visible

πŸ“ Updated texts around the app to be clearer and more intuitive

🐞 Lot's of fixes: navigation, scrolling & keyboard behavior, disabling autocorrect, button contrasts, random crashes, cropped screens on login and more

Coming next

πŸ”€ Word suggestions for more languages: French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Russian, Dutch, Welsh, Irish, Korean, Norwegian, Indonesian, Swedish, Arabic and more!

See the rest of our Roadmap of new features here.

Watch my talk

We wrote an academic paper about making Polygloss inspired by critical pedagogy and then using Machine Learning to evaluate the linguistic progress of players. It is getting published at the NLP4CALL conference. You can register to participate and watch the talk Etiene will present on Wed Nov 25th here.

Recommendation of the month

Easy German is an online video series that provides German learners around the world with authentic learning material.

I've been addicted ever since it was recommended to me, and have also followed other channels of the same series such as Easy Spanish and Easy Greek. It's an amazing free resource and 100% worth checking out if they are available for your target language.