This whitepaper is a living document. It will be updated regularly. Any information listed here could be altered and values could be updated but overall the core structure will stay the same and any major changes will be announced.

What is Nova Rally?

<aside> ⁉️ Nova Rally is a racing game on the WAX Blockchain. The premise is simple, pick a car and two rally drivers and enter them into a race.

There is a game engine called NOVA TALLY that is a set of rules that calculate who the winner of the race is.

The type of the vehicle and the hidden perks of the character impact the result of the race.

The game is split into different seasons. Each season has a different hidden system that calculates what happens in the race.

Once a new season begins, the previous systems rules are revealed and players can choose which type of rules they would like to race in.

Each Season ends with 4 Massive Races, the Nova Rally Championship. One for each league. The best of the best from each division compete for the ultimate prize.


How do I enter into a race?

<aside> 🔑 You will need a vehicle and minimum 2 characters to play. You can buy packs to get a combination of different racers and vehicles and also earn them as rewards for winning in races.

There are planned 4 different type of game modes you can enter into

Racing Events (Planned for Release) Death Rally (Planned for Release) Time Trials Head to Head

In order to enter in each race, you need to have enough fuel to do so. The fuel is in-game token Snake Oil (SNAKOIL). You earn SNAKOIL by "snaking" your characters and vehicles. As you progress through the game you will need additional resources to race.

To enter a standard Event Race you will need 10,000 tokens that match the League you are trying to race in.


How are the race results calculated?

<aside> ✨ A little bit of secret magic! The NOVA TALLY system has a hidden recipe that only the developers of the game know!

Each season will have completely different mechanics, the first pre-season and Season One will use Nova Tally v1

For an individual player they enter 1 CAR + 2 DRIVERS into each RACE

Car, Driver 1 and Driver 2

Upon each race starting the contract makes a call to the WAX Oracle Random Number Generator smart contract to receive a provably fair random value.

This random number is used to generate a RACE CONDITION

Depending on the race condition value, certain MANUFACTURERS and rarer CARS perform better.

Depending on the race condition value certain characters may spot opportunities for shortcuts to boost their performance in the race and reduce their time.

A race is made up of 5 Rally Stages with some target times to complete by regular human beings!

However these are the best racers in the galaxy competing, and they smash through the barriers of these targets.

Each character has its specific perks, and when triggered they will take a shortcut to reduce their time.

THE HOME STRAIGHT The race condition value is taken and used to calculate how well the player did on the home straight to the finish line, this is a minor value in milliseconds, used because ties in the Snakey Universe have been made illegal.

For every player The following factors are used to calculate the final race time

How fast the characters drove in the Car on each stage? TIME SAVED = Stage 1 + Stage 2 + Stage 3 + Stage 4 + Stage 5 time saved

Have any shortcuts have been spotted and taken by both characters? SHORTCUT TIME

Finally the race condition value is used to determine the Home Straight value in milliseconds HOME STRAIGHT


The players are ranked with the fastest TOTAL RACE TIME e.g

1st place 20 minutes 13.6 seconds 2nd place 22 minutes 12.4 seconds 3rd place 24 minutes 10.2 seconds

The player taking the number 1 spot get a Win added to all their NFTs and they recieve a SHADOW SHARD. These Shadow shards can be combined to make more characters

Players taking 2nd and 3rd place get a Podium Finish increase



<aside> 🐍 In order to earn SNAKOIL and the other tokens you must "Snake" your characters once a day using a simple faucet contract.

A user clicks a button or calls a contract action and receives the tokens

The contract looks up your assets and works out the daily or hourly rate of SNAKOIL and issues it to your wallet address. Same for all tokens

There are bonus snaking per Win and per Podium finish, the contract will find your asset's Wins and Podium amounts and calculate an extra token bonus.

Before the racing element of the game is released, cars and characters will only Snake for 10% of the intended power.


Daily Snaking power

To protect against mass decrease in value of tokens, a pool system for staking will be implemented, however the ratios of value of staking will stay the same. I.e A Sketch should always in theory be 100x a Common.

This means in future seasons when 1000s more NFTs are added that the tokens don't become worthless. The staking pool will be advantageous to players who promote their characters, as if you are among the first to promote then the pool of tokens is shared between less cards and you will earn more until others rank up. There is a maximum amount of tokens one card can earn from the pool so if someone hit Master League they wouldn't receive the entire Daily Pool.

Also if more cards are burned through the Nova Rally than are created through Event Race prizes then you will receive more tokens per your card.

Snaking Weights

Snaking bonuses per day


Snake Oil - SNAKOIL

<aside> 🛢️ Used in Rookie League Total Supply - 55,555,555,555,555


Snake Gas - SNAKGAS

<aside> ⛽ Used in Intermediate League Total Supply - 55,555,555,555,555


Snake Power - SNAKPOW

<aside> ⚡ Used in Veteran League Total Supply - 55,555,555,555,555


Snake Venom - SNAKVEN

<aside> 💉 Used in Master League Total Supply - 55,555,555,555,555


The Death Rally

<aside> 💡 The Nova Rally is the most prestigious and lucrative of races, but also the most DANGEROUS

All players compete once per day in one massive endurance race to decide who takes home the crown. Many will not survive.

The Nova Rally costs SNAKOIL to enter and the winner takes home a trophy NFT. The top 1-5% of racers will receive upgrade NFTs called "Driver's Manual"

The remaining 99-95% of players will have their car's damaged, an entry onto the mutable attributes identifying it must be repaired before racing again.

The characters inside the car unfortunately do not survive, they will be burned and never to be seen again...

Driver's Manuals are needed to progress from Veteran to Master League, or promoting any card from a league without the required number of combining.

Each winner also receives an invite to the Nova Rally Championship at the end of the season.

The Nova Rally begins at 4pm UTC daily and players can only submit one entry. There is no limit to the number of entrants.

Your cars and characters will be not be able to be usable until the rally has been completed.



<aside> 👨‍🔧 There are 21 different characters in the game. They each come in one of five rarities

Common Uncommon Rare Classic Sketch

All characters NO MATTER WHICH RARITY start off in the lowest tier of Nova League - The Rookie League

These characters compete in races and can be upgraded to compete in the higher tiers

These rarities effect staking value only, a Common Sammy Snake vs a Classic Sammy Snake will produce the exact same result in a vacuum



<aside> 🏎️ There are 4 manufacturers of Rally cars in the Nova Rally Universe

Clunk Speros Helios Dimp

They are known for their speed and power but also as mentioned earlier each deal with racing conditions differently.

There are limited edition models, otherwise known as rarity that affect both the snaking power of cars but also it's average performance.

There are 10 distinct car models in the game to begin with.

On any given day a Common car can beat a Rare model, but on average a Rare car should do better.

In order to balance this out it costs more resources to enter a race with a rarer car, they need a bigger team to prepare it for the big race.

Also the rarer the car is the longer the cooldown values.



<aside> ⚒️ 5 Shadow Shards of the same character or Car can be combined to make a new character or car NFT starting at Rookie League.

You receive these shards by winning races in Nova Rally events.

Shards are available for both Characters and Cars