We are almost at the end of 2022! While the weather is getting colder here in the bay, things are heating up at Stomio. Our Nov release is fully packed with new features and improvements to delight our users. More exciting announcements coming in Dec before we close out the year!

New Features

A ton to cover so let’s dive in!

(1) Share your Beta via a link

When creating your beta, recruiting testers is one of the critical tasks. Now you can share your Beta via a link or a QR code so your customer-facing teams can forward it easily to their customers or you can share your Beta sign up with your customers online. Whatever works best for you, getting your testers to sign is now easier than ever!

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(2) Tags in tickets

Tagging your users is a very powerful feature. Now you can create tag categories for your tickets! This allows you to create whatever category you want to apply to your tickets (e.g. Impact score). You can choose to apply a tag category to both your users and tickets (e.g. rewards level) and now you can filter your tickets by that tag!


(3) External link in tickets

Do you want to reference a ticket in Stomio to a ticket in your ticketing system (e.g. GitHub) or tracking systems (e.g. Trello)? Now you have a new field in the right panel of each ticket to easily make that reference!

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(4) Export beta results in .csv

If you want to do more deep analysis of your beta results, quickly export your beta results in a .csv format and go crazy in your favorite analysis tool!