What is a Subprocessor?

In order to provide our Services, Notion engages the Subprocessors listed in the tables below. A Subprocessor is a third-party engaged by Notion Labs, Inc., and its applicable Affiliates, to process Customer Personal Data. Capitalized terms used herein are defined in Notion’s Data Processing Addendum.

How do I subscribe to new Subprocessor notifications?

Customers may sign up to receive notification of new Subprocessors by e-mailing team@makenotion.com with the subject “Subscribe to New Subprocessors.” Once Customer has signed up to receive new Subprocessor notifications, Notion will then provide Customer with notice of any new Sub-processor before authorizing such new Subprocessor to Process Customer Personal Data and allow Customer ten (10) days to submit a legitimate, good-faith objection to such new Subprocessor(s) from Customer’s receipt of Notion’ notice. For additional information, please see our Data Processing Addendum.

List of Third-Party Subprocessors

Below is the list of Subprocessors and how we use their services.


We use these Subprocessors for hosting and running our Services. These are third parties that store and process your data within our Service.

Subprocessor Purpose of Processing Location
https://aws.amazon.com/ Hosting and storage systems provider USA


We use these Subprocessors to help us manage and provide the Service.

Subprocessor Purpose of Processing Location
https://www.anthropic.com/ Service provider for hosting large language models and embeddings USA
https://www.confluent.io/ Kafka managed streaming storage platform used for in-product audit log data and analytics USA
https://www.cloudflare.com/ Content distribution, security, abuse prevention and DNS services Global
https://openai.com/ Service provider for hosting large language models and embeddings and for abuse prevention USA
https://www.qwak.com/ Service provider for hosting machine learning models and analytical data USA
https://sentry.io/welcome/ Application logging USA
https://www.splunk.com/ Security and application logging USA
https://www.twilio.com/ Multi-factor Authentication USA
https://www.pinecone.io/ Vector database for storing embeddings USA

Customer and Support Services

We use these Subprocessors to offer direct support services to you and your team. They are primarily used for communications between Customers and our support teams.

Subprocessor Purpose of Processing Location
https://www.intercom.com/ Support services USA
https://www.zendesk.com/ Support services USA
https://www.teleperformance.com/ Support services Greece

Business Operations

We use these Subprocessors to manage our business and continue providing you services. From internal documentation to analytics these services are used behind the curtain to help us plan and run the business smoothly.

Subprocessor Purpose of Processing Location
https://amplitude.com/ Event logging for analytics USA
https://segment.com/ Event logging for analytics USA
https://www.snowflake.com/ Data warehouse for analytics USA
https://www.fivetran.com/ Data pipeline for connecting systems to our data warehouse USA
https://customer.io/ Transactional, broadcast, and marketing messaging USA