At Notion, we care deeply about the trust our users and customers place in us. A big part of maintaining that trust is making sure we have comprehensive terms and conditions that are transparent, easy to understand, accurate, and meet certain legal requirements. To achieve these goals, we periodically make updates to our terms and policies. For example, we may introduce new terms to address new features and functionality or we may modify terms to comply with changes in global laws.

We hope you will find this FAQ helpful. As always we encourage you to review our terms and conditions to better understand your rights and obligations as a user or customer.

Terms and Policies that have been updated:

Master Subscription Agreement

Personal Use Terms of Service

Privacy Policy

Data Processing Addendum

Notion AI Supplemental Terms

Updates include:

Introducing Notion AI and the Notion AI Supplementary Terms

When you use Notion AI, including where you purchase an Add-on Subscription, the Notion AI Supplementary Terms apply. These terms include important information about Notion AI, including use restrictions.


Notion has some exciting stuff in the works. We have introduced the concept of “Add-ons” into our agreements to permit us to make additional features and functionality available to you.

California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA)

Under California privacy law, Notion is required to make certain information available to our users. We have updated our Privacy Policy to include this information, including instructions for how you can opt-out of sharing of your information with third party platforms for the purpose of presenting Notion advertisements to you.


We have updated our Privacy Policy to include Cron. Users of Notion and Cron are now subject to a single Privacy Policy.

Data Processing Agreement

Global privacy law is in a constant state of evolution. We engaged leading global privacy experts to help us update our DPA to ensure we are complying with the most recent developments, guidance, and industry trends.