1. Download and install NodeJS
  2. Download and install Python
  3. Reboot. It's important.
  4. Run cmd. (windows + r)
  5. In cmd type npm install -g asar
  6. Check if asar really installed with asar in cmd
  7. You shouldn't see asar is not recognized in output
  8. Extract .zip with scripts
  9. Close Notion if it's open
  10. Remove previous version of scripts(if you have it) with Customization
  11. Run Customization
  12. Run Notion

Made by Uzver (discontinued)

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Feel free to text me with questions/ideas/code improvements/bugs/requests I mean, really, don't think that you will disturb me with your messages:)

Project continuation by dragonwocky

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Discord : dragonwocky#8449 Twitter : e-mail :



Upd. June 13th 2020 v.4.2 (spaces in path fix, thx to Lucia)


(Default) - Enabled by default (Optional) - Can be enabled with some actions. (v1) - In which version of script was implemented current feature

Additional styles which is not included in scripts