Currently when you open a database record as a page, you’ll see all database properties listed at the top of the page. This is very powerful since, regardless of any filters you may have in place on your database views, here you will see ALL of the record’s properties in ONE place. However in databases with a large amount of properties, relationships and rollups, this can take up A LOT of space on the page.

Below is an example of a database ( Projects ) with only 14 properties, which isn't a lot. Now imagine a database with 100 properties. Actually you don't have to, check my database for an example with 91 properties.

This proposal suggests adding an optional ‘section’ text to each property. That way properties with a similar purpose or subject could be grouped together on the page view. Sections would behave like toggles and could be collapsed or expanded separately. Defining sections would be entirely optional, if a database property was not assigned a section, it would appear under a default 'Database properties' section so they could still be collapsed or expanded.

Here is a design concept of what this could look like:

This has multiple advantages in databases with a lot of properties:

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