<aside> 📢 Google has removed the ability to run this without attaching a credit card. Therefore Notation will no longer work. Sorry!


The above is not an image, it's an embed :)

The above is not an image, it's an embed :)

A simple web app to make drawings that are easy to embed. Made by Evert Heylen. This was made specifically to fill a shortcoming in Notion.

Open the webapp →


Once you're logged in, simply press the 'New drawing' button. You will have the option to either copy or open the link directly. In Notion, you can use the /embed command and paste the generated URL. All drawings are visible to anyone who has the URL, but only you can edit them. Works best with pen input (like a wacom or surface pen).

There is also a short video tutorial!

Note: Google may log you out after a while, just go back to the homepage at notation-gcp.appspot.com to log back in so you can edit your drawings.


Pressure sensitivity (using the Pointer events API)


Note: under Linux, start Firefox with MOZ_USE_XINPUT2=1.

Dark and light mode support

Just like in Notion. Comes with the colors to back it up. (Note: picking a mode is only for logged in users, by default the light mode is used).

Very lightweight