<aside> 💡 Palletline Northern Ireland Member DSV Road Ltd (member depot P50) Carrier EORI - XI759894254003


<aside> ⏱️ Transit times for shipments to Northern Ireland cannot be guaranteed


Please see below step by step guide to generate an MRN from TSS for transport into Northern Ireland.


Shippers (you the customer) must follow these steps:

  1. Raise a blank header in the TSS account
  2. Enter the consignment detail and item detail on the blank header
  3. Complete header detail for the ESD, including:
    1. Type of Movement: RoRO (Accompanied/Unaccompanied)
    2. Identity Number of Transport: DSV Palletline
    3. Conveyance Reference Number: (Not a mandatory field)
    4. Nationality means of transport: United Kingdom
    5. Carrier EORI: XI759894254003
    6. Port of Arrival: Belfast
    7. Arrival Date/Time: Three days after manifest date
    8. Place(s) of loading: Customers Premises
  4. Submit declaration
  5. Generate MRN (movement reference number)
  6. Send MRN number to Stiller via email to traffic@stiller.co.uk (PDF or screenshot OK) at the same time as the job is added to our eTransport booking system.


Stiller will then upload the MRN detail into Palletline's IT system (called Contrado) in the Customs Documentation field for our Northern Ireland partner to approve. When the consignment information in Contrado has been checked and approved for travel, our customer services team will contact you to arrange collection of the goods in the normal way and provide you with a barcode label to print and apply to the pallet.

Please also clearly label the goods with:

  1. The full delivery address
  2. Your own reference number
  3. The Stiller job number

Please do not print out shipment labels from eTransport for export consignments such as this. If the correct process has not been followed and a label is printed it will look very similar to the following: