<aside> 💡 Hazchem Network Northern Ireland Member Allen Logistics NI Ltd. (member depot 101)


<aside> ⏱️ Transit times for shipments to Northern Ireland cannot be guaranteed


Shippers (you the customer) nust follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that Incoterms are agreed with the consignee (reciever of the goods).

  2. Customers must also have an XI EORI number, which is for Northern Ireland.

  3. Complete and return the Allen Logistics Direct Representative form to traffic@stiller.co.uk. Stiller will then keep this document and send it to Allens Logistics. Failure to complete the forms will mean goods cannot be shipped.

    Allen Logistics - Direct Representation Authorisation Form.pdf

  4. The Allens’ booking form (below) must be completed for each shipment and sent to traffic@stiller.co.uk at the same time as the consignment is entered on our eTransport booking system.

    New Allen Logistics Booking Sheet.xlsx

Stiller will then upload this booking form to the Hazchem Network's IT system (called 'Vigo') using the COP/DGN facility. The image must be in a '.tiff' format. Without the booking form, the freight will not be colleced or shipped.

Allen Logistics will act as as the Direct Representative.


Option 1 - Allen Logistics will complete all documentation on the consignee's behalf, including the supplementary declaration for HMRC. £35 inclusive of up to 4 tariff headings + £2 per additional tariff heading.

Option 2 - Allen Logistics will complete the safety and security declaration, but the consignee completes their own supplementary declaration. £15.00 total.