<aside> 💥 Greetings fellow Space traveler! Doodles and Noodles have united and ventured into space because the rainbow is in trouble. Use your Space Noodle or Space Doodle and compete with other community members to see who can survive and collect the most rainbow points!


❓How to Play

Your ship will move automatically; Move your mouse and your pilot will follow it!

Pick up rainbow poops to increase your score and lengthen your rainbow trail. If enemies crash into your trail or if you crash into another trail, your ship will crash. For head on collisions, the player with the least amount of points will crash.

Press space bar to activate your boosters. Collect more fuel packs to replenish your boosters.

The length of your rainbow trail will reset after scoring 1500 points. The color of your name will change to indicate the score level you are one, which is only visible to yourself.

Silver: 1500 Gold: 3000 Platinum: 4500 Diamond: 6000

Survive as long as you can and dominate the leaderboard!

🕹 Technology

As one of the first ever real-time multi-project and multiplayer NFT games to be created, the Noodles team takes pride in having laid the foundation for a cross-community multiplayer game for the masses to enjoy. Beginning in February, the Noodles engineering team overcame roadblocks with scaling, server load, networking, etc. The game is built from Phaser 3, a 2D rendering engine with React for the front end webpage. This game also utilizes each individual Doodle/Noodle to be used as a playable character alongside its corresponding spaceship.

Those who have recently just launched their Noodle or Doodle into space will play as the default character (until the weekly updated art patch). Most users will be able to play with their Space Noodle/Doodle with an exception of a few who will play as a default character.

The game currently has 3 server options to choose from to optimize latency and server load: USA1, USA2, and Europe. Feel free to coordinate with your friends on which server you want to dominate!

The artwork for the ships have to be imported manually as users start to wrap their ships. If it’s your first time wrapping, there is a chance your ship might not be loaded into the game yet. We will have to manually update the ships every so often, so please bear with us. Also, there is a chance your ship artwork has not been imported, and you will be playing with the default Poopie ship. Thanks for understanding!

👫 Community

At the beginning of February, the Noodles and Doodles team imagined a world where Space Doodles and Noodles could come together and play and interact with each other and their own beloved NFTs.

Ultimately, a Noodle and Doodle community driven project created to further the Space wrapping experience was created. By incentivizing communities to play, compete, and contribute to this project, the teams hope to strengthen bonds while rewarding the communities for their creative and community initiatives.

🫂 Open Source

While the Noodles team laid the foundation for this project, we understand there are plenty of other features that can be implemented to enhance the community’s vision for this project. We encourage everybody to get involved and make contributions and suggestions, whether developers, artists, designers, lore creators, anybody!

In an effort to incentivize contributions from both communities, the Noodle team has sought to recognize the top contributors of this ongoing project in a variety of ways, such as Discord roles, Genesis boxes, Dooplicators, Noodles NFTs, merch, and more**.

Noodles Head developer will help run the open source project and will assist with reviewing Pull Requests to the main branch. Both communities have stepped forward in showing off artistic and creative abilities since mint and we hope to see these initiatives translate into the game as well.