Disclaimer: If you see someone nominated who you've had uncomfortable or traumatic past experiences with, please reach out to admins via email at team@distant.community.

Nomination Process

We encourage our members to extend Distant as far as they see fit. Distant Community is a vibrant, vulnerable, and easy-going digital space where people can connect, share and learn. Because of this, there is nothing we value more than diversity and fostering an environment where all members feel included.

When nominating someone to join our Slack community, ask yourself:

Make sure to share this and our Community Guidelines with the nominee to make sure they're good with who we are, what we do, and how we keep this space safe.

After the above is complete, post your nominee's name, email, and work to the #00_nominate-a-member Slack channel—give us a little preview as to why you think they'd be a great addition to our Distant Community, too!

Screening Process

After you nominate a someone to join our little corner of the internet, an admin will reach out to them with the following questions: