Nomic Foundation is the team behind Hardhat, the most widely used Ethereum development environment for professionals. The Nomic Foundation builds open-source developer infrastructure to improve productivity in the Ethereum ecosystem. We’re on a mission to empower developers to decentralize the world.

We have a holistic perspective on Ethereum as a software development platform that is maturing. We're tackling the big missing and lacking components across the stack as well as building new foundations for the long term. This means developer-facing tools, libraries, and frameworks as well as very low-level building blocks to catalyze further growth in the tooling ecosystem. Developer needs and productivity are our core priorities. Learn more about our organizational values.

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Nomic Foundation projects

Our team handles two categories of responsibilities: the Hardhat development environment, and our low-level infrastructure projects.

When it comes to Hardhat, we develop low-level compiler-based tools with Solidity and the EVM at their core. Today, these projects are:

New projects we're starting:

These two projects will become the new foundation of Ethereum tooling. You can learn more about Slang and Rethnet by reading this blog post.