The Nodle Network is a distributed wireless infrastructure that provides delay-tolerant connectivity and services for IoT devices. The Nodle Network is a software solution that leverages the existing global smartphone infrastructure to provide wireless connectivity and services. Deployed today using the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless interface, the Nodle Network is designed to support any wireless protocol.

The Nodle Network is use case, data, and wireless standard agnostic. This means that it can be used for relaying any kind of data such as beacons from Bluetooth Low Energy devices or 5G packets.

The Nodle Network brings together Contributors (supply), which we refer to herein as “Network Contributors”, and Subscribers (demand), which we refer to herein as “Network Subscribers” to create an economy of connectivity.

A New Economic Model to Free the Internet

The key innovation in the history of the Internet was the discovery that advertising can make money. This discovery, popularized by Google in the early 2000s has fueled the growth of internet giants like Facebook, snapchat, and many others. Advertising has become the golden standard for monetizing apps and services on the internet, trading personal data and "impressions" for "free" services.

In 2017, Nodle introduced a new way to monetize the Internet by using the physical hardware that applications run on, and unused connectivity to locate and connect nearby IoT devices. This innovation not only allows apps to preserve user privacy, but create a user experience free of targeted ads.

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