I bring effective writing, a killer work ethic, and creative solutions to problem-solving.


Customer Success and Sales

šŸ‘‹ Hey, Iā€™m Noah, and I'm obsessed with delivering quality work.

I honed solid customer service skills and a killer work ethic at the busiest Starbucks in the state of Florida. I believe effective writing is a superpower, so I built a website to practice my writing where everyone can see.

Since joining Praxis I've automated a complex Gmail to spreadsheet workflow, blogged 24 days in a row to strengthen my creative output, helped multiple companies deliver a better customer experience, and learned numerous tech tools which I've documented below.

I'm excited to bring exceptional communication, curiosity, and work ethic to Customer Success and Sales roles on your team.

If you want someone on your team who is as excited to grow as you are, then...you guessed it! Frank Stallone.

What I can do for you:

<aside> šŸ‘‡ Below are some of my top projects, tech tools, and experiences on display!


šŸ“œ Projects

šŸŽ I built a customer success package for SquareOne in 30 days

Mock responses, blog posts, and tech tools to make it more efficient...I took SquareOne's customer service to the next level!

šŸ“½ļøI made a slideshow walkthrough identifying and solving issues with SquareOne's communication

Part 1: identifying the issues and problem-solving

Part 2: responding to negative customer feedback

Part 3: final thoughts and suggestions

šŸŽ²I helped TapTop engage with customers more effectively

I built a newsletter, clarified FAQs, and learned the basics of ZohoDesk in one week

ā™ŸļøI wrote about how board games naturally encourage healthy competitive attitudes

Board games were an important part of my maturation. I take 4 minutes to explain why.