We help you to hire faster and with more confidence.

We optimize your recruitment framework and level up your team to make informed and unbiased hiring decisions while optimizing for candidate experience. We also empower you to build your team faster with our on-demand recruiters.

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Thomas Pun Founding Partner

Thomas started his engineering career at Apple and has since worn different hats from founding a Y Combinator-backed startup to growing Stripe's adoption in Hong Kong to scaling the team at GoodNotes and Casetify. He also has the honor of working with passionate startup founders as their advisor since 2012.

Our Services

Advisory - Hire with more confidence

Every company can hire well. The secret is to have a systematic process and evaluation framework. We work closely with your executive team to define all the necessary attributes needed to be successful in your company and in that specific role.

The second important aspect is to deliver a great candidate experience so even a rejected candidate would recommend you to their peers. We recommend the best interview and recruitment practices while leveling up your interviewers to conduct bi-directional and intriguing interview sessions.

A typical advisory engagement with us follows:

Acceleration - Jumpstart and accelerate your recruitment process

We can jumpstart or supplement your talent team. We partner with Find Recruiter for your external and on-demand in-house recruiters that scale with your business and talent needs.