Nimisha joined as a Digital Marketing Associate Intern in the Summer of 2020. We weren't introduced to Nimisha until all of our Summer Internship roles were already filled but were so impressed we created a role for her! She learned quickly and was soon given the reigns to our public LinkedIn pages where she was growing our follower base.

🎯 What are three words you would use to describe our culture?

Collaborative, Progressive and Transparent!

⭐ What was the best thing about working here?

The best thing about working here was being able to connect and work closely with multiple groups of people such as the Founders, Software developers and Client-facing Business Development Team. The teamwork and collaborative spirit in Zetl is really inspiring! Got to learn so much from the team.

📈 What could have been better?

Nothing in particular. I believe Zetl's team approach, on-the-board training and methods of achieving organisation goals are incredible! In my opinion, it would be great if Interns could probably rotate roles during the the internship period to diversify their skillset and learn more in detail about different department functions.

🤔 What was one thing that was different to what you expected from your internship?

I expected to enhance my skills required to work in the FinTech Industry, build network and understand how FinTech is integrated in Zetl. So the role of marketing was a bit different from what I had initially expected, but I actually got to learn so much more through interning as a Digital Marketing Associate. I gained a deeper understanding about Invoice Financing, important design/prototyping tools, writing blog series, and conducted in-depth researches on the Fintech Industry. So overall, it has been a great learning experience!

💁‍♀️ What type of person is suited to interning at Zetl?

A person who is open to learning new things, creative and interested to be familiar with work/internal operations of an SME would be suited to interning in Zetl.

📣 Anything else you'd like to add?

Working in Zetl had been such a meaningful experience and I have learnt so much within 2 months of Internship. Thank you for the opportunity and I wish continued success for Zetl!