Team: Sammie Kim, Francis Park, Elysha Tsai, Charmaine Qiu

Advisor: Kyuha Shim

Project Duration: 8 weeks

Tools: After Effects, Figma

<aside> 💡 Design a conversational user interface (CUI) with necessary graphical user interface (GUI) screens and a video demonstrating the context, need, and functions of your concept.


Final Deliverables

Concept Video

Concept Video

User Journey Map

User Journey Map

To view in detail:

Final Journey Map.pdf

Nike, your personal workout assistant.

When investigating various digital experiences that could be elevated with the integration of conversation, our group looked into journeys that thrived with the presence of a human companion, such as personal fitness. Although exercise itself is a highly personal and physical endeavor, an increase of remote modalities and cautiousness in public spaces has heightened the sense of impersonality in this problem space.

The need to try to bridge the gap in at-home fitness became clear.

Introducing Nike, your personal workout assistant within Nike Training Club. Nike guides users through their own workout journey. Through data-driven workout recommendations and workout modification capabilities, Nike allows users at all stages of fitness expertise to reshape what it means to exercise at home with the ease of a simple, guided conversation.

With Nike, reinvent what it means to make your personal fitness, personal.

Project Goals