What's new with Polygloss and the language world this month

It's been a while since the last catching up, which means there are lots of stuff I've been really excited to share with you 💖

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Últimas novidades no Polygloss

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App updates

The first thing you will notice is the new look and feel! A smoother design looking more polished, with a more professional logo that doesn't deviate from our origiginal choice of the hummingbird. The hummingbird is considered sacred by many native american tribes and one many myths associate it to a messenger role, either between worlds or as a carrier of thoughts and desires between people due to its lightness. Many times, when we are learning a language, we want to say something and don't know how. This is why we chose the hummingbird at Polygloss, so we can make it easier for you to get your message across.

<pics logo>

Another feature of the new look are the softer colors. Although I loved the tropical watermelon color-scheme, it was a bit too flashy and maybe not as calming as it could be for a learning environment. One other important issue with it was accessibility. Unfortunately, a mix of green and hot pink isn't exactly the best color combination for a very common kind of color blindness. I'm very excited and so proud to release the new app with the turquoise color scheme and other important updates that wouldn't be possible without the efforts of Doug, Lindie, Agência Mafagafo, Fernando, Alex, and all of the amazing people in our community who have reported important bugs, gave feedback and made feature suggestions.

<pics app screenshots>

New in v0.13:

🥰 New look with new color scheme and lots of small UI improvements

✨ Unlocking word hints will now unlock them for all images of a match ✨ Starting a match from the library no longer consumes energy