How to create a vibrant community and engage users by regularly broadcasting building and company news.

The Newsfeed Backoffice is used to post news and announcements to users, allowing them to follow your company and building news and engage through likes and comments.

As an administrator, head over to the Newsfeed Backoffice here:

You will be presented with a rich text editor for composing your message. You can attach a picture to your message.

The picture should be 700 by 700 pixels in size, to ensure that it gets properly displayed on all screen sizes.

Select your target audience using the "Post on" dropdown. You may choose a specific site, or broadcast your message to all your sites.

Once posted, users will receive a notification of a new post in their inbox. They will also be able to browse through previous posts by opening the Newsfeed service.

If you wish for your post to be highlighted and appear on your users' home screen, you can mark you post as "Highlighted".

This is described in further detail here: