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Sources: Bloomberg, Reuters, Wall Street Journal

November 2020 Week 4



Markets IPO: Airbnb is planning for an IPO in December, the biggest this year.


Social media Snapchat announces "Spotlight", a competitor to TikTok, which will be released in 11 countries including the US



November 2020 Week 3

Market IPO: ****- E-commerce platform Wish filed to go public on Nov 20, the company gained 32% YoY growth in the past 9 months and currently has 100 million monthly active users.

Deals: VF Corp. will buy streetwear fashion company Supreme for $2.1 billion to beef up its portfolio of brands in the apparel and footwear category.

Electric Vehicle:


Aviation Boeing's 737 Max has been cleared to fly by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Aerospace SpaceX's Dragon docked at the ISS on Nov 16, it marked the first ever commercial crew transport in NASA's history.

Tech Apple cuts its cut of App Store app revenues from 30% to 15% - for small developers. Developers who generates less than $1 million revenue after the 15% cut of Apple can enjoy the lower cut.