Notion adds 5 new leaders from major B2B companies as it expands into enterprise and international markets

We don't often share company news, but we have quite a bit right now and thought this would be a good way to do it.

First though, for those of you who are new to Notion, some quick context. (Diving right in.) We believe everyone on the planet should be able to customize their everyday software tools to fit their needs. For too long, this has only been possible for people who can code. This shouldn't be the case! And it shouldn't take dozens of different apps to get work done.

To change this, Notion brings together everyday workflows - notes, docs, project management, wikis, and more - into one tool that's totally modifiable so that you, your team, or your whole company can create the perfect approach to every problem. As we see it, humans are born toolmakers, and software is our most powerful tool yet. If we can unlock even a little of that potential for more people, we'll all have a better shot at solving the world's biggest problems.

This is a huge goal. And right now, we're just 70 people going after it together. That's where today's news comes in. Five of these people are leaders who just joined from some of the most important enterprise companies of the last generation. Now they're helping us build the next one!

With these folks on board (based across three continents!), it feels like we've entered a new phase, ready to serve millions more users and hundreds of thousands more companies (and bring on even more exceptional Notinos ;). Here's the new crew:

Maryanne Caughey is heading up People Ops, drawing on her 5 years at Gusto to create programs that will helps us attract, retain, and care for great talent. Already, she's managing our pandemic response, building out our recruiting org to shift into rapid growth, and charting our plan to open offices in Europe, Asia, and beyond.

"Notion is a company that cares deeply about crafting a thoughtful experience across all parts of the employee lifecycle. I joined Notion to craft a culture where all employees can thrive in their careers as the company continues to grow! P.S. We're hiring!" - Maryanne

Hasani Caraway is our new General Counsel. Having steered Zendesk through its IPO as GC, he's helping us make sure that even though we're on the early side, we've got best-in-class approaches to privacy, contracting, employment policy, etc. ready to go - especially as we aim to provide world class service to more enterprise companies.

“Notion envisions a world where all teams can tailor their work tools to meet their actual needs - and the way we're approaching it struck me as totally unique in the market. Add to that the level of efficiency and productivity Notion gets from using its own product, and I have so many opportunities here to build a one of a kind legal team.” - Hasani

Robbie O'Connor is our first feet on the ground in EMEA, running sales from Dublin in a way that extends our communities in the UK, France, Germany, Nordics and Benelux (and develops new markets, too!). With experience heading EMEA sales at Asana and Dropbox, he'll lead the way as we build our enterprise motion, launch in new languages, and serve more customers across borders.

"I'm just so excited to join Notion at this perfect moment, with our industry undergoing a generational shift in how technology helps people organize their lives and work. It became clearer and clearer to me that Notion is on track to become the software tool that defines this new era." - Robbie

Katsukiyo Nishi is also opening up new doors for us in Japan - one of our most exciting enterprise markets outside the U.S. With experience heading sales at LinkedIn and WeWork in Japan, Katsu is helping companies make the largely unprecedented move to remote work, and expanding our presence in Asia (following up on our launch in South Korea this summer!).

"Notion was born in Kyoto and inherited its craftmanship. It's already been used and loved by many Japanese users. I'm passionate about understanding this market more, and meaningfully contributing to Japanese professionals, corporations and society." - Katsu

Kate Taylor now leads Customer Experience, taking all the growth mindset and hospitality she learned in sales leadership at Dropbox and Salesforce, and making sure it defines our web and product experiences at Notion. Since arriving, she's helped us reduce response times from hours to minutes, 24/7, everywhere. Next up: many new programs to delight, serve, and grow our Notion community at scale.

"So excited to be joining Notion and our incredible user community. I joined Notion because I believe we have an opportunity to change the way people work and to make building tools accessible to everyone. We have an incredible team here at Notion that's passionate about our users, our community and, the opportunity ahead. So thrilled to be leading Notinos toward our mission!" - Kate

With all five of these folks joining in just the last few weeks, it definitely feels like we've taken an important step. That said, and despite all the big moves described above, we're excited to still be a small team. It helps us think holistically and stay nimble. And that'll be the case for a while yet - making it an especially magical time to be here. Which brings us to one question...

Want to join Maryanne, Hasani, Robbie, Katsu, and Kate? We're hiring across all teams, and would love to meet you!