by Ellie Buckingham & Miri Buckland, Landing Co-Founders January 5th, 2022

Things are looking a little different around here...

Happy new year!

Wow. We are truly amazed by the magnitude of creativity, support and energy the Landing community has already brought in 2022. This past week has left our team in awe of the amazing creators who have come together over the last year, months, and even few days to dream, manifest, and create together. We’re going into this year with more excitement than ever, and that’s thanks to YOU!

Last year, we were blown away by how you, our community, created on Landing. At every step of the way, we watched how you were using our tool — and that shaped what we built for you. When we noticed some of you were editing sideways to use your moodboards as phone backgrounds, we built vertical orientation. We saw the shout-outs you were sharing with each other on social, and added reactions and comments natively to boards. You loved stickers, so we released more stickers. You wanted to shop, so we added clickable links. Your creativity, from vision boards to book lists to online windows for your small businesses, inspired us to keep building delightful and refreshing new features. So, we decided it was about time our visual identity got a refresh, too.

Today we're excited to introduce you to the new Landing (yes, after seeing how you all were describing us, we dropped the 'The'!): a little more flexible, a little more distinctive, and a lot more Landing.

Direction V3@2x.png

We worked with Out of Office to create a new brand identity that could move and grow with you, our community, and represent both what we are today and what we will be in the future. Landing is a community for visual inspiration, curation, and design. We see ourselves as a flexible container for the creative output of our users, and our new logo treatments represent that.

We are creating a world that celebrates every individual's vision and expression, whether your aesthetic is elevated and modern or quirky and distinct. We spent last year building for and with our creators, and the future will be no different. We see the future of social commerce as creator-led. Whether you identify as a creator or curator, design 'just for fun' or on behalf of a brand or your own small business, you have a place within Landing. We will continue to provide the tools for our community to discover, connect, create and build.

Landing has been a creatively led company since Day 0. That’s because our team, our supporters, and our community know that creative expression is one of the most impactful parts of the human experience. With this rebrand, we remain committed and honored to defining and building the future of what it means to be Creative in today’s modern world with the best community on the interwebs.” - Alex Crandall, Landing Design Lead

In 2022, we're looking forward to building more features for and with our creator community. Most notably: updated creative tooling, a crowd-sourced product library, improved personalization and discovery experience, and more ways to connect with other community members. We'll also be building features for brands within the app so our creators can shop in a communal way.

We're so excited for what the new year has to bring and we can't wait to continue to create the new Landing with you.

Ellie Buckingham and Miri Buckland, Landing Co-Founders on behalf of the Landing Team

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