Catch 95% of prod issues during deployment testing process

An ideal deployment cadence is completed by the Operations Workstream 2x day, 5x week. (FRIDAY RELEASES BACK ON THE MENU)

Future goal will be so that Develop and Production never have outstanding differences and there is continuous integration - continuous development.

Deployment Test specifications are to be followed specifically. (Complete release process for details on process and where to find test requirements)

Regression tests of specific wallets and features will be tested on a rotating calendar schedule to assure uptime, service reliability, and full functionality.

Operations prioritizes blocking bugs, supporting engineers, and process efficiency over chasing non-blocking bugs for a ‘perfected’ release.


Operations, Engineering, and Product Workstreams, as well as any other specific release stakeholders, agree to the following:

All pushes to production follow the release cadence outlined in the release process, or they are considered emergency changes that would follow the Prod Issues protocol and processes.

Any blocking bugs found during the testing of a develop branch are to be tested against current production, recreated, and clearly posted in a new thread in #releases to be addressed and resolved before a LGTM is given from the Operations Release team.

The triage process will be followed for all non-blocking bug reports.

All Operations transactions related to testing will be tracked in the Release Stat’s and Fees Tracking Sheet and Test Fund request can be found in the DAO Test Funds Tracking Sheet

Flags will only be tested if the PR or engineer requires it.

Regression testing follows a month-to-month schedule to be tested by operations.

Operations should always have two sets of eyes on a release. If Operations only has one person online/available to test, no testing will be done until two sets of eyes are ready to test.

Each issue, release, meeting, or topic should have a thread created to make it easier for people to find the information they need or dispense the information needed.