Image Description: Image of a monument with a man on a horse. Red, Green, Yellow and blue are layered over the monument, replicating a computer glitch. a black rectangle with white text Dance. Disrupt. Rebuild is placed over the face of the monument. In the background is a dark blue sky and two pine trees.

About New Monuments

New Monuments asks us to imagine the path to a new future where colonization and racism have not only been dismantled but their legacies healed, in a celebration of joyful disruption.

Conceived and curated by Toronto's iconic, Grammy nominated, multi award winning director and installation artist Julien Christian Lutz pka DIRECTOR X, DJ Khaled feat. Drake, L’il Yachty & Da Baby) with award-winning artistic producer and curator Umbereen Inayet (Nuit Blanche Toronto, Awakenings, TEDx) alongside visionary three-time MTV VMA-nominated Tanisha Scott (Beyonce, Sean Paul) as lead choreographer New Monuments comes to life on the shore of Lake Ontario, through the talents of Toronto-area dance companies, featuring over 40 dancers, in a cathartic story that takes us from the beginning of colonization to a more hopeful and equitable future.

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Content Information: Plot details may be revealed. (Spoiler alert!!)

Artist and Collaborators

New Monuments is Co-Produced with Canadian Stage

In association with TO Live // Harbourfront Centre // National Arts Centre

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New Monuments is presented by Ian and Kiki Delaney, C.M. And CBC Arts, with lead support from Joan and Jerry Lozinski. Streaming on CBC Gem.