New Ryder bridge that exposes the Ryder via a WebSocket (like Trezor Bridge), for use with the Web Extension and other desktop apps.

Want to help?

Please—feel free to join the effort. You can find our repository here. Please take a look at the README first, and then reach out on the Ryder Discord if you have any questions whatsoever!

This is a longer maker effort.

One or more makers can work on this together. We highly encourage a team taking this up and highly coordinate with the Ryder Team & Pioneers for implementation.

We need to build a new version of the Ryder proxy that is un-opinionated and used by desktop applications. The most critical integration will be to add the ability for the Web Extension to connect to the Ryder via the bridge (separate bounty).

Marvin can create the initial Ryder bridge foundation, but we much rather have this be a community effort. The way we envision this is that users join in on this effort and are awarded a portion of the bounty that corresponds to their contribution level. We can use the amount of merged PRs as an initial baseline, but we should be careful because this figure hardly tells the whole story. (Just like the number of commits and LoC.) We as a community can arrive at a consensus for the distribution of bounty awards.





🧰 Maker Resources Below are resources to help you finish this bounty.

  1. Ryder Simulator

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Here are some Readings about Ryder and our progress. 👇


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