Help new members succeed faster

You might be welcoming a new Founder to your portfolio, adding a new mentor to your expert network or welcoming a new designer to your design professionals community. Either way, you want to make the process of welcoming and orienting new community members easy and consistent. This includes providing them with information about the community and helping them build connections.

We outline below ways that Bridge users onboard people to their networks, platforms and communities.

  1. Provide instant value
  2. Onboarding automation
  3. Orientate new members
  4. Highlight new members
  5. Encourage collaboration

Provide instant value

Welcome new joiners with a personal 1:1 meeting or application form.

Understand their current challenges and goals.

Send them 3-5 opt in intros offers to people you think can help them.

Share your network with them.

<aside> 🔥 “Each month, I manually onboard each user, and curate 5 intros for them based on their needs. If new founder Sam joins and she needs help with fundraising B2B ML, she will get 5 intros with founders in B2B ML who just raised.” Maddie at Founders Cafe


Onboarding automation

Joining an existing community or group can be overwhelming.

Setup an onboarding campaign to introduce your network over time. This helps drive engagement and reinforce how your network can help them succeed.

You can also host this content on your internal resources page (i.e. Notion)

For example;