Network Contributors are living at the edge of the network and are comprised of any devices that can interact with nearby IoT device and act as gateway for the Nodle Network. Such devices are also referred to as Edge Nodes.

In our current rollout, most Edge Nodes are made of smartphones, thus the Nodle Network can be described as a crowd-sourced IoT network. To become a Network Contributor, one simply has to embed the Nodle Software Development Kit (Nodle SDK) on devices that the contributor has access to.

Contributors can be individuals, application developers, hardware manufacturers, or autonomous IoT devices that are seeking ways to monetize their connectivity. All Network Contributors are rewarded for participating in the Network (more details on the reward formula can be found in this paper below).

Wireless Protocols

Currently Supported Protocols

Protocols defined in Nodle Network Architecture


Unlike traditional advertising SDK solutions that usually associate user devices with static advertising IDs and collect personally identifiable information (PII), the Nodle SDK provides a privacy-centric alternative to monetize an app and does NOT collect PII from Edge Nodes. Once a user authorizes the Nodle SDK to run on their device, the device becomes an Edge Node by joining the Nodle Network and adding its local resources (such as BLE / Wi-Fi / mobile interface, GPS sensor, CPU & storage) to the resources of the global network. Network participation consumes little energy and requires minimal interaction.

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