1. Select a document

You can select an existing document from the documents page or create a new one by clicking the '+' button.

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2. Document editor

Our document editor combines our Long Form Writing Assistant with ****text editing and formatting features. Here you can create blogs, articles and other forms of long form copy and content by giving direct instructions to our AI and also use a variety of shortcuts that our document editor offers.

All the 80+ tools offered by MarketingCopy are accessible directly from our document editor as well. You can edit and format your blogs and articles end to end using our powerful document editor.

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2.1 Document Title

This is where the document title is added and this title is used by AI to generate higher quality content that is more relevant for the topic that you are writing for. Our AI will look at this title for context when creating content so you should name is appropriately.

2.1 Long Form Writing Assistant Overview

Our long form writing assistant allows users to create content by using a range of different functions like Write for me, Instruct AI, Expand Content and more. Our AI takes the existing content from the document along with the instructions and inputs you provide to continue writing the content for you.

Check out this page to explore the Long Form Writing Assistant features in detail.

Long Form Writing Assistant overview

2.1 Input Section

On the right of the document editor we have the input and control section. From here the users can change the tone, length, creativity, topic and brief for the Long Form Writing Assistant functions.

These are discussed in detail on the Long Form Writing Assistant overview page.

2.2 Content Section