1. Select a document

You can select an existing document from the documents page or create a new one by clicking the '+' button.

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2. Document editor

Our document editor combines our long form writing assistant with ****text editing and formatting features. Here you can create copy and content by giving direct instructions to our AI and also use a variety of shortcuts that our document editor offers.

All the 70+ tools offered by MarketingCopy are accessible directly from our document editor as well. You can edit and format your blogs and articles end to end using our powerful document editor.

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3. Long form writing assistant

Our long form writing assistant allows users to generate content by directly giving instructions to our AI. Our AI will take those instructions along with other parameters like number of characters and creativity to write content for you. Just think of it as giving instructions to a content writer and our AI will serve you as your very own writing assistant.

3.1 Write for me

The 'write for me' section is used for giving direct instructions and prompts to our AI. Here you can simply add the title of what you want the AI to write. The instructions will go in the content brief section. Below the content brief section you can see the option to control the number of characters and the creativity for the output.

If you want the AI to write highly creative content then you can increase this and if you want the AI to write less creative content then you can reduce this parameter. The lower the creativity the more factual the content. If you need the AI to be creative then you can choose 4 or 5 and and if you want it to be less creative then you can lower this parameter.

You can generate up to 300 characters for each direct instruction.


Let's say we want the AI to generate a blog post outline for our blog titled '8 useful TikTok marketing tactics'. In this case we will write the blog title in the title field and we can write the following instruction in the content brief section

Write an outline for a blog titled '8 useful TikTok marketing tactics'. This should contain 8 useful tips for running successful marketing campaigns on TikTok.

After this we can change the number of characters and creativity and finally click 'Write for me ' and our AI will create an outline for our blog post.

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3.2. Write about this

Another long form writing assistant feature offered by MarketingCopy is 'write about this'. With this feature you can select some incomplete paragraph and text and essentially tell the AI to continue writing from that point by using the selected text as background context. The AI will use the selected text as context and will continue writing from that point onward.